Kathie’s Bio

Hi, I am a health and wellness coach who embraces nutrition counseling in my strategies and programs.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science from Gannon University in mental health counseling and I believe my education and experience benefits clients to approach a balanced lifestyle by practicing incremental modifications towards a healthy and safe approach.

I am a certified personal trainer and former pilates instructor who realizes working out excessively, to keep in shape, is not for the majority of women.  Consistent, long term health is obtained with a balance of good habits woven in every day life.  Witnessing extreme programs has played an important role in the “How and Why” I have created my strategies Get Nourished, Get Moving, Get Transformed.

My career and experiences have always included elements of mainstream social views and perceptions of a healthy lifestyle, such as modeling, body doubling, parts & fitness modeling and fitness competitions.

I have also done magazine covers, national commercials, public speaking on a variety of health and wellness topics.  I hosted a TV show “Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy” and a radio show about fitness.

I truly believe my professional and educational experiences have shaped me to incorporate Nutrition, Movement and Transformation principles into a series of programs to offer you the choice of being healthy on the inside and not solely focusing on the outward appearance.