Today, society has numerous commercial programs, exercise plans, fitness routines that focus on a minimum of 30 – 60 minutes of exercise per day.  Sounds great right?

Even if you work out an hour a day, then my question is “What are you doing with the other 23 hours in your day?”

Not everyone can find what it takes to get moving in a positive direction. If you are moving, are you able to sustain and maintain that positive direction for extended periods of time, perhaps the rest of your life.

The Get Moving strategy will help you achieve your fitness goals whether you are on the fast track incorporating a good nutritional plan and working out intensely or you are taking small steps and just learning how to find time to incorporate Get Moving principles in your busy every day schedule.

Let’s make a Get Moving plan and a promise to allocate the remaining 23 hours of your day to become a mover and not a spectator in the race of life.

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Wake Up! – Motivational Triggers

Before you can make positive movement, we need to assess and understand yourself and what are the drivers that motivate you. Similar to you waking up every morning, you will start the Get Moving Strategy with a personal motivational interview; assess your key drivers, as well as, those limiting fears. Finally, we will align the rest of the program towards your individual goals, objectives and motivational triggers.


Get Moving - Physically

This is just not about counting calories and physical exercise. This part of the Get Moving strategy incorporates physical exercise and fitness plans (i.e. realistic functional motion), as well as, getting your insides healthy and flowing.

It is important to realize moving is as essential on the inside as on the outside. Checking in with our bodies involves bowel movement. Lets figure out what you need to do to get going and what it takes to incorporate realistic functional motion.


Get Moving - Emotionally

Lets deal directly with your past, fears, hang-ups, and work on methods and techniques to start letting go of the baggage. Once you are able to overcome some of these barriers, you will instantly begin to see positive movement in obtaining your passions, goals, and your purpose.

Running on autopilot can cause havoc on our well-being. Let’s infuse what is necessary to obtain balance, passion and purpose to bring focus and meaning back. Lets bring your sexy back.


Get Moving - In Life

Are you facing life challenges or change events that seem overwhelming or weighing you down? Do you feel alone to manage and difficult to decide a healthier course in life? Let’s work thru life’s challenges and changes with pragmatic stretches and realistic goals to find the right answers for you. You will learn how to combine some of the previous core Get Moving principles into a healthy and practicing habit for you to sustain and endure.