Nourishment is not just about eating the right foods; it’s about giving your whole self what it needs to be healthy, strong, and balanced.

  • Do you know what is really in the food you are eating?
  • Do you know why you crave certain foods?
  • Do you know the different between detoxing and cleansing?

The Get Nourished strategy is not about denying or starving yourself emotionally or nutritionally from the things you enjoy.

Get Nourished is designed to help you understand the value and importance of nutrition, how to use healthier choices to deconstruct cravings, and provide the knowledge and guidance to achieve your ultimate nutritional goals.

Simply put, Get Nourished is a strategy about provision and healthier options.

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Lets get started, "The Meat & Potatoes"

Together, let’s examine the basics and fundamentals of whole natural foods, how to buy them and where to go to get the good stuff.

A step-by-step process of learning, gathering and creating a nutritional plan that incorporates demystifying popular diets plans, importance of food journaling and enabling good cooking habits at home vs. eating out.

Beyond the Basics – Nature’s Rx

Nature’s Rx will educate you on the importance of super foods and incorporating them into your daily eating habits for optimum health.  Additionally, answer the questions on whether supplements and probiotics are worth the money?  Finally this topical series will help you recognize acidic vs. alkaline foods to prevent health issues.

Optimizing your Body - "Hit Reset"

Optimizing yourself recognizes the best choices to allow your body to hit reset and prevent illness.   This series helps you gain awareness to the internal issues that may be plaguing your digestion or your gut, as well as, exploit the benefits of detoxing, cleansing and juicing.

Nourishing Your Spirit – “The Complete Protein”

Sometimes, having an effective nutritional plan is not just about food.   During this process, you will find out the importance of recognizing your strengths and looking deeper into what nourishes your spiritual and emotional self.